A Nemi,Jemi,Kemi Love Story Ep31

Haha Still lolin bout “joe: I called nine juan juan twen twimes! Butt they didn’t understand mew”….. Anyways heres another ep! Joe: Huh i want cool whhip * Like Stewie on family guy* *With Demi and Taylor* Demi: Its so sandy here Taylor: Well it is a beach and there is sand duh Demi: You don’t have to be mean to me Taylor: Well obiously theres going to be sand at a beach. What do you think it is …. A WETLAND! Demi: Gosh you don’t have to be rude to me Taylor: Well it was a stupid comment in the first place Demi: THAT’S IT!* Slaps him and runs back to the hotel* Taylor: Well that didn’t go as well as i expected*Sees some girls and walks over to them* *With Demi* Demi’s POV: Taylor was such a jerk on the beach! I can’t belive he said that i was stupid for saying it was sandy at a beach. I’ll just try to forget want happened at the beach. *With Kevin and Miley* Kevin: So did you find anything? Miley: Yeah Kevin: Where is she? Miley: She’s in Hawaii Kevin: Well lets go Miley: Why do you even what to be with her? Kevin: Because i love her! Miley: What?!?! Kevin: I LOVE HER!!! She broke my heart and unless i can find someone better than her for me then shes going to be with me! Miley:*Thinks: He is so weird* Well whatever, lets go *they go to the airport* *At the airport* Kevin: You got the tickets? Miley: Yeah, Fight leaves at 11:15 Kevin: Well its . *looks at his watch* 10:24 rite now Miley: Lets go though security now and just chill till 11:15 Kevin: Sounds good *They