Animash What If OLD VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!

*plz READ!!!* oh God so i was gonna start workin with A video and this song when i remebered i did some of it and omg i hate it so much hahaha i know how i would do the effects and everything differently and nicer lolz so yea thatz about it so i mite remake this 🙂 srry no pretty watermark i forgot hehe i’m leaving on sunday for new york but i will be able to still b online cuz we are using an RV with wifi and stuff but then 2week from 2dy i’m going to hawaii and i’m not sure if i’m taken my comp cuz i’m going on a curse around Hawaii so yea lolz so i will try to have another video up b4 i leave for Hawaii 🙂 hope u hate this is much as i do 🙂 naw don’t yell at me ^^