Bed Of Ashes [Joick] Chapter Six

I went Christmas shopping today… Another fun fact, I don’t like shopping unless I know what I am there for! Other than that it was 3 hours of a never ending head ache! haha. Also wrapped a bunch of stuff! Welp onto the story, comment my pretties! Chapter six Waiting. For any normal person the word isn’t welcomed. When you want something, you want it then. Nicks parents wanted him. They wanted to gather their son in their arms and let him know that everything would be alright. They had been sitting in the lobby since they got the call at midnight that their son was in custody. Officer Rawlings had just got back home from a family vacation in Hawaii when he got the call. He held the missing person’s flyer in his hand as he approached the Jonas’s. They stood up to meet him. Mr. Jonas: Our son? We’ve been here over an hour and they haven’t told us anything. Rawlings: I understand but I need to ask you a few question’s first? Mrs. Jonas: What kinds of question’s? Mr. Jonas: Our son was kidnapped! What kind of questions could you possibly ask? Rawlings: We weren’t even aware of the fact until the other officers had picked him up. Mrs. Jonas: then why was he picked up?! Rawlings: You’re son is being held on murder charges. The Jonas’s: What!? Mrs. Jonas: I want to see him! Where is he? Rawlings: You can’t. He’s being questioned. Mr. Jonas: With out us or a lawyer? Rawlings: He didn’t want one. He doesn’t want to see you yet either. Nick’s parents sat back down, they were