Driving The Waikiki Strip – Kalakaua Ave

Once a swampy marshland, Waikiki has some of the calmest protected waters and white sand beaches on Oahu. It’s the urban center of Hawaii, but it’s also a resort lover’s paradise, an athlete’s ocean playground, and a foodie’s mouthwatering adventure. If you’re visiting and staying in a hotel here (which is pretty likely), take an afternoon and drive the city like I did; the taxi and shuttle traffic is worth it! This driving tour is an overview of some of the best sights and restaurants Waikiki has to offer. There’s a reason why the rest of Oahu seems quaint and untouched compared to Waikiki; it’s the place to be when you want a sunny day on the beach or a breezy night out on the town! Please remember to like my video 🙂