Enemies With Benefits Ep.15

Hey Guys Sorry Its Been So Long .. Got Another One After This And 2 For You Left Me 🙂 Demi’s POV: It’s been a month since i found out i was pregnant, Nick booked a week away to hawaii for me, Joe, Selena, Nick, Taylor And Zac, were leaving in 2 weeks and Joe keeps panicking because of the baby, i’m so glad we decided to keep the baby because Joe is so excited, he doesn’t complain when i moan at him to do something he just gets up and does it, me and Joe went to the hospital yesterday and found out i was 3 months pregnant, having a scan made everything feel that much more real, Selena and Nick are the only ones that know, We thought we would tell our parents just before we left so they had a week to cool down, i dont know why we have waited so long to tell them, i guess im just scared, after the scan yesterday Joe wanted to go out and buy the pram, cot and everything else, i told him to wait until we got back from hawaii because at the moment we both still live at home, i’m surprised Joe hasn’t cracked yet he cant keep a secret for less than an hour, maybe he’ll relax abit once his mum and dad know. there was a knock at the front door. ‘I’ll get it mum’ i called out and opened the front door. ‘Demi’ Selena grinned at me. ‘Why so excited’ i asked her. ‘Becuase were going hawaii in 2 weeks’ Selena said walking past me and into the house. ‘Come in why dont you’ i rolled my eyes. ‘Hey this is just as much my house as it is yours’ Selena said. ‘Yeah that is true’ i nodded