GreenWithEnvy- “Leise’s Webshow Trailer”

My husband and my best friend had an affair when her family (she, her husband and kids) were in Hawaii with my husband and myself on vacation. We were all there, in Hawaii 4 years ago for my 5th wedding anniversary. My husband and I, were also there to renew our vows at a wedding ceremony on the beach. My best friend was there to be my maid-of-honor and her husband was my husband’s best man. I found out about the affair 6 months later… It was New Years Day and I asked my husband this innocent question, “Is there something you need to tell me?” Well those words changed my life forever… Watch more GreenWithEnvy Videos at: ————————————— Leise-Falyon is a Motivational Speaker and Writer. In her Newest Book she shares the Secrets of healing from the Heartbreak of a Cheating Spouse… https