Hawaii Ironman Triathlon 2012 World Championships

Hawaii Ironman Triathlon 2012 World Championships Welcome to the 2012 International Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Kailua-Kona Hawaii! This year’s heat was brutal for the athlete’s, it was no walk in the park, even though they make it look that way! All of the athlete’s that participated this year had a very long, hard, and extremely HOT day. This year in the professional women’s race Leanda Cave powered her way to first place with a winning time of 9:15:54! The top ten professional iron woman include: 1. Leanda Cave 9:15:54 2. Caroline Steffen 9:16:58 3. Miranda Carfrae 9:21:41 4. Sonja Tajsich 9:22:45 5. Mary Beth Ellis 9:22:57 6. Natasch Badmann 9:26:25 7. Gina Crawford 9:28:54 8. Linsey Corbin 9:32:18 9. Caitlin Snow 9:36:18 10. Amy Marsh 9:38:15 Congratulations to Pete Jacob’s, winner of the 2012 Ironman World Championship’s with a race time of 8:18:37, what an awesome performance on such a brutally hot day! The top ten men include: 1. Pete Jacobs 8:18:37 2. Andreas Raelert 8:23:40 3. Frederik Van Lierde 8:24:09 4. Sebastian Kienle 8:27:08 5. Faris Al-Sultan 8:28:33 6. Timo Bracht 8:30:57 7. Andy Potts 8:31:45 8. Timothy O’Donnell 8:33:28 9. David Dellow 8:35:02 10. Dirk Bockel 8:36:21 To all the athlete’s who were out there this year, congratulation’s for your dedication, discipline and mental strength it too to get through your training for this exciting day!