Major Modifier Video Project – “You Silly Goose”

Honolulu, Hawaii (McKinley High School – Class of 2002) Mr. Gary Larsen, Social Study Teacher @ McKinley High School assigned all of us to create a entertaining short film about anything we wanted. The project was called a “Major Modifier”. The Major Modifier accounted for 90% of our Social Studies grade for the entire school year. We were asked to create a group consisting of 5 of our fellow classmates. Since we were all friends, it was easy for us to create a group… – David Easterling (Me) – Camera Guy, Script – Thang Nguyen – “Vietnamese Boi” – Ryan Motoyama – “FABulous Hawaiian” – Michael Salvation – “FOB Filipino” – Lei Ann (Unfortunately choose not to participate, & didn’t pass) Video Requirements – Must be EXACTLY 6 mins in length, including intro page and credits. Video will be watched & reviewed by all 6 of Mr. Larsen classes, voting will be done among the students. Most entertaining video rated in the overall top 4 will recieve an A, rated between top 5-8 a B, and so on…. This video took 1st place in all the classes combined. Sure the acting sucked, and the video quality was crap (Hey, this was filmed before digital cameras and YouTube), but we had ALOT of fun making it, and it made ALOT of people laugh. I recently found this video in storage, and desided to post it up for the world to see. I hope to enjoy!!! Mahalo!!! Music: Ja Rule – Put it on me Mckinley High School Band – Rocky Theme Song Ja Rule & Ashanty – Always On Time