Manta Ray Night Diving | Kona, Hawaii | Photographers Case Study

I like to have these fun videos every once in a while, but there were some important lessons learned. The main is, if you are ever having a problem in a shooting situation, try something different! The first half of the video explains what you are about to see (the second half might be confusing if you don’t know what is going on. Photographers Case Study: Night Diving with Manta Rays. One of the more difficult shooting situations I have been in for a while. Im shooting with a Canon 5Dii in an Ikelite housing with 2 161 Ikelite Strobes. When I first got in, I was having a lot of problems with backscatter, so I turned the flash strobes off, and shot off ambient video lights and flash lights from other divers. Footage came out pretty good and I was happy with it. Best settings were, 1/60, f4.0, ISO 800, no strobes. Enjoy! This video was brought to you buy Music “Jon McLaughlin’s – My Beating Heart” was licensed through and can be purchased on iTunes. Its a great beat!