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Marine Corps Ball China 2011 Embassy Ball speech Beijing / Peking– November 2011 by PT Brent Audio / Visual hampered by hotel regs et cetera – remedial action by 808Burners & a Marine named Walter …. OOO RRAH ! shortened Text of speech Wow – look around – These Embassy Marines, these Leathernecks — there is something here not to be admired (applause). Imagine : Marines, serving the State Department Embassies, go back to the era of Thomas Jefferson- protecting ambassadors all the way back to the Shores of Tripoli. — they possess a long and noble history When I was invited by Gunny Cruise -to travel 8000 miles – Why? This is special My father was ad call…. Marine . He also was an Embassy Marine. On a small personal note this birthday, this week, represents my 50th slice of birthday cake , the first was on a small island off the coast of South Carolina and —- only got about 29 seconds to enjoy it. A great Sea Story ending… St. Peter looks at the Admiral and says Admiral that’s not a Marine, (…..) that’s God — you see Admiral, (…..) God always wished he had been a Marine. In the process of doing research I noticed the next to last page of the program and a very simple picture of the eagle, globe and anchor. The French have an expression — je ne sais quoi – that mystery something — means you either get it or you don’t. If you don’t get it you may never get it. Marines are special As this research progressed I learned there is yet another Ambassador who has