NEW YEARS RAP A Couple of Guys in Hawaii

Get the MP3! Free Netflix for Audience! Tobuscus shirts! US EU http Facebook | Twitter | Posters! (signed ones come with DRW slap bracelet of doom) Spotify | Daily Vlogs – Gaming Channel | Thanks to: Cory Williams – Kate Elliott – Lyrics: We’re just a couple of guys who are wearing visors in Hawaii Now we’re having a candlelit dinner, waiter brought me Ahi. I said Mahi Mahi, not Ahi, but I bet that’s a common mistake when you take the order from a guy who stutters when he orders tuna steak. They freakin’ sound the same. Why they name the fish like that? Nevermind let me get to the point of the song. This fish name tangent got me side-tracked. We’re a couple of guys in Hawaii. There is nothing wrong with a couple guys enjoying time together. We’re a couple of guys in Hawaii. We’re wearing beach shorts sitting out enjoying the weather. We’re spending New Years in Hawaii. New Years, Hawaii, with a guy, he’s just my friend, that’s it. Uh! What you think about New Years Eve tradition? Midnight happens, people start kissin’. That’s a tradition we’ll be missin’ cause we are just friends. Maybe later we will talk to some honeys, buy them some drinks, waste our money, but first we want to count the stars, and trace them with our hands. Tell me why a couple guys looking up in the sky implies anything other than a deep deep