nossi and chava wedding song

the song my ta made up for nossi and chava’s wedding ! lyrics: “Therre was a boy and there was a girl They came from tw different worlds But get together, they would kinda haveta- The girl liked to down her cups They could be from a Starbucks As long as tjey were hot and steaming Java- The boy had Hawaii in his eyes Islands could be of any size As long as they had hot and steaming lava- Nossi and Chava Nossi and Chava Chosson and Cala Chosson and Cala Hallelo-uu-uka The boy had learned Gemara before He knew how to settle a score He fondly remembered kearning from Metzius Bava She liked finding “metzias too In Canada in her igloo But Crossing the border would be her goal davka Nossi and Chava……. I heard him through the windows at night Talking to his new found sprite It made me glad to hear him gush and blah blah She seemed to be enjoying it so Her texts piled up like snow Should I say more or would it ne loshon hara Nossi and Chava Chosson and Cala Halleluuuuuuka!