Part 2 RODNEY BINGENHEIMER in Hawaii 7 3.1983 [EDITED] Audio Only

Part II of the legendary DJ’s appearance on TWO of THREE radio shows he did in THE SAME DAY (I’m still trying to get his call-in to fill-in host Tracy Nelson.) RODNEY and I were both in Honolulu,Hawaii and I captured these golden moments on a “Toshiba” boombox cassette radio-recorder. RODNEY had called in to his own show (not heard here) and then,was on KRUISIN’ KLASSICS (where he’d called Annette Funicello). Then it was across the street to 98 Rock…and Mike Evans. FAIR USE NOTICE: This is an historical document which cannot be found on any normal recording. It is intended for EDUCATIONAL,NON-PROFIT USE ONLY. I’ve left in a commercial for the “Wave Waikiki”….but note that the club is now long-defuct. BTW….that reference to a “naughty body” is from a “Nautilus” fitness commercial…edited out. And I believe the song which started out at the wrong speed is “Sorry” by REM The “Venus” referreed to was a then-young girl who was part of a band called “Unit 3 With Venus” They had a novelty song with “Pajama Party” (not heard here).