Review: MRE Chicken with Tomatoes and Fetta Cheese

In this video we tried one of our all time favorite MRE Entrees: Chicken Tomato Fetta on a beach on the island of Molokai. We heated two entrees in a pan from a Coleman Aluminum mess kit set. We purchased the mess kit at a Walmart in Kailua-Kona on the big island of Hawaii the previous week. The cost was very low, around $6 and we figured it was disposable but we ended up using it several times over 2 weeks. We heated this atop a butane powered 3 point camp stove using an adapter to connect to common bayonet style fuel. The 3 point stove normally connects to a top threaded fuel container which is common in the 48 states, but nearly impossible to find in Hawaii. The MRE Entree was fantastic (as usual). It has big chunks of chicken, tomatoes and crumbles of feta cheese with garlic and onions. We think it also has basil. Oddly enough the crew back at the warehouse also tried this entree while we were gone, but there was a focus issue with their video so we didn’t include it. But their response was identical to ours. John licked his plate, and Eric said it was the best thing he has ever tried at Epicenter. We all know Jenny and Ethan loved it – they both buy this entree and take it home for quick meals. This entree is made by Ameriqual and is available on our MRE page at: