Saturn 12 RK375B

Buy from Amazon US Site Product Description Saturn 12 RK375B Saturn 12′ RK375B Heavy Duty Expedition Inflatable Kayak /w Hand Pump. Commercial Grade Expedition kayaks are ready for miles of wilderness exploration anywhere on the globe. Stand and fly fish or get into any place where other boaters can’t go, with this practical vessel! Easy to carry and portable to store, this kayak is a must for any RV, campground, fishing trip or any other situation where a vessel’s portability is important. If you live in a condo next to the water, but have no place to dock full size plastic kayak, then this inflatable kayak will keep you ready for adventure in a moment’s notice. This kayak is made of the same heavy-duty 1100 Dtex PVC as BoatsToGo inflatable boats and rafts. The floor is made of a high-pressure air deck that is extremely rigid when inflated, but can be rolled up when deflated. Shipping prices above do not include Hawaii and Alaska, please call for a shipping quote.FEATURES: – Heavy duty 1100 Dtex High Strength PVC fabric coated on both side with 1100 g/m2, 0.9mm. Fabric is thick, puncture proof and abrasion resistant. – 2″ thick high-pressure air deck drop stitch floor. – Hugging rope with handles in front and back. – Heavy-duty D-rings for optional kayak seats. – 4 plastic fins at the bottom for directional stability. – Storage space in front and bow under splash guards. – Two (2) FREE removable thwarts included as optional seats. – Accessories: 2 basic