Summer Paradise? Episode 18

Episode 18 Joe was grumbling to himself. He was angry that Demi suggested going to Hawaii. If it wasn’t for her they wouldn’t be on this stupid island. He sighed. He shouldn’t of said that, though. He shouldn’t of said it because he knows it wasn’t her fault. How would she have known that they’d get into a plane crash and be stuck on a lonely island? Joe sighed again. He decided he would apologize to her when she got back. Suddenly, there was a loud, soul ripping scream coming from inside the jungle. Joe craned his neck faster than lighting to look towards the jungle. He stood up. He knew that was Demi. He ran towards the jungle. “Demi!” he called out loudly. His legs running fast. He ran faster than fast. He looked around. He was terrified. What if something bad happened to her? And the last thing he said to her was this was her fault when it wasn’t. The last thing he did to her was yell at her. He shook his head. He wasn’t going to believe that she was hurt or dead. Suddenly, a body hit his causing him to fall backwards. He heard the sound of a girl sobbing and when he looked down to see who it was, he saw it was Demi. “oh, Demi, thank God.” he breathed, sitting up and cradling her in his arms. Demi held onto him, crying a river. “What happened? Are you okay? Did something happen?” Tears stung Demi’s eyes, burning down her cheeks, “I saw…I saw…” she stammered. Joe was looking at her concerned. He wiped her cheeks. “What?” he asks, “What did you see?” he held her