The making of the Shed recording studio of Hawaii

This documents the odyssey building the Shed recording studio within a 7×7 WalMart Storage Unit. It was done for three reasons: I live by the ocean (biggest killer of electronics), I compose virtual music – which doesn’t require a lot of space, and, my neighbors like to sleep. In all, around 1500.00 was invested in this idea including the cost of the unit, and it works just fine. It’s seen around 10 television scoring projects, an abundance of music now featured on – and on one occasion I managed to squeeze in a talented young lady by the name of Sarah Sullivan (now Sarah Bullins!) who brought her guitar over and recorded her whole album here, me providing backup instrumentation and CD cover artwork etc. This was a joy to build, and without any doubt, anyone who picks up a hammer could do this with a little trial and error.