The Perfect Vacation Epi.27

tori: can somenone explain what is happening bailee: **walks to brian** your not zendaya dad your her uncle brian: well you smart girls but not quick bella: everything happened because of you brian: yeah ariana: I still don’t get anything james: trust me your not the only one bella: okay he killed zendaya mom her father used to be on allot of bussiness trip and he took zendaya with him zendaya was growing up and her father was looking for her so he pretended her death so he would stop looking for her logan: but why don’t you just gave her too her dad brian: for resons bailee: can we see her brian: who bailee: zendaya bella: to prove that she is not dead brian: well- ariana: just do it carlos: you said she was here in hawaii WITH STELLA JUSTIN AND ZENDAYA stella: what you guys want to do justin: CHO- zendaya: **covers his mouth** shhh stella: yeah shh **walking dosen’t see where she is going and bumps into someone** oh im so sorry ??: no is cool zendaya: hello ??: hi stella: i’m stella ??: i’m zendaya ( ohhhh) stella: you look very familiar zendaya: really stella: yeah were have i seen you zendaya: i don’t know zendaya (little): my name is zendaya too zendaya (big) : really.. whats your mom’s name zendaya: (litle): Be- justin: i need to go to the bathroom stella: oh okay **to zendaya** see you around zendaya (big): sure bye later z **leaves** stella: **talking to herself** were have i meet her WITH KEMILY kendall: you sure is not time emily: no i don’t think so kendall