Want Earth Forever

“Want Earth Forever” By: Ken Flippin, Brandon Wong, Devante Jenkins, Jason Ishigo, Mika Kawakami (Verse) Last name Carson First name Rachel Like DDT Pesticides ain’t nothing to play with Fish Devastation But thanks to all the humans Imma pass it off to Brandon for a better understanding Im in your city picking up the brown, doo-doo The ocean says it has a bigger stash, we know Fish swim in all trash, can’t find them, Nemo If I had one wish, I’d get rid of bottom trawling They drop the big old nets all the way down to the bottom Killing mass amounts of fish man thats the outcome Bycatch by the tons killing all the other ones Tragedy of the commons, don’t have one We about that business Killing the other groups You woulda swore we was on the A-List Everyone who doesn’t study is asking for a better grade If you wasn’t apart of this, at least you get to now witness (Chorus) It may not mean nothing to y’all But the environment is something important to me So imma try to give it my all To make it last forever and ever Alfred Wagner didn’t give up He stood up for what he believe in So I’m never giving up on this world To make it last forever and ever (Verse) V-25, Estabrook is in the building Ain’t no questions, Who the best teacher I used to have scary dreams Cane toads, invasive species I put pollen in that flower till that bee came People made a lot of love in the 50’s They created a bunch of babies, offspring Baby boom, too much to consume Exponential growth is killing us