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We Own The Night- A Jelena Love Story; Ch.5

ohmybiebs17 ilovemuffins98 ——————————————————————————————– {The next morning} Selena’s alarm goes off and it’s 5:30. Selena: *shuts her alarm off and stands up on the bed.* Wake up Justin. Justin: *wakes up and rubs his eyes; sits up* Selena: *sits down next to him* Justin: *laughs and groans* It’s like 2 in the morning Selena: It’s actually 5:32 in the morning, to be exact. -smiles- Justin: I’m too tired to get dressed. Selena: Well, I’m not helping you. *laughs* Justin: Oh…. *laughs* I was hoping you would. Selena: You’re a perved child. *laughs* Justin: I was kidding. *laughs* Selena: *laughs* But still…. Justin: *laughs and gets up; takes off his shirt* Selena: *looks at him and bites her bottom lip* Justin: *takes off his pajama pants and puts on a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt* Selena: *staring at him* Justin: *doesn’t notice her staring* Done. *throws his old pajamas in his laundry bin* Selena: Okay. Turn around. *laughs* Justin: Sel, we’ve been friends for years. I think you can change in front of me. I wouldn’t mind. *laughs* Selena: See!? You are perved! *laughs* Justin: I was kidding! *laughs* Selena: *laughs and playfully rolls her eyes* Now turn around. Justin: *turns around* Selena: *puts on shorts and a tank top* Ready? Justin: Yeah. I just have to get my tooth brush and stuff. Selena: Okay. *follows him into the bathroom* Justin, I know you said not to be…but I’m scared. Justin: Why