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Petticoat Junction – Mike Minor/Linda Henning “Hello World” Performance – Season 5 Digital Quality

THE SONG we Petticoat Fans all know by heart 🙂 “Hello World” was performed during episode 10 titled “Hawaii Calling” from Season 5. I know the origins of the song have been discussed at great length over time and we would ALL love to know the story behind the song. Maybe one of these days we can somehow find out when and where this originated…..until then…… Hope you ENJOY this little video I put together 🙂 ***I do not own or claim to own any of the content displayed in this video or photos. No copyright infringement intended***

Baseball player goes pro

ST. CLOUD, Minn. — Last year St. Cloud State University’s baseball team had the best season in the university’s history. They set the SCSU baseball record for the most wins. This year they could very possibly break some of their own records, but are missing a powerhouse player. Jordan Smith is drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the ninth round out of fifty. Smith signed a $125000 dollar scholarship. He’s having a lot of fun getting paid to play ball and says life is good. “My family has always been there for me through everything,” Smith says. “Traveling baseball and every one of my Husky games. Their the rock of me. They really keep me humble and motivated.” Smith went from playing ball at SCSU to playing rookie ball to playing in the minor league. His major goal? To make it to major league baseball! Even during the off season Smith is on the ball. He’s continuously working out and keeping up on his batting. In order to move up he’s got to keep up. Which isn’t a problem because he always works his hardest. He says he’s very serious about his baseball career. You might be wondering if he’s going to finish his schooling. The answer is yes. Smith is going to take advantage of Cleveland’s opportunities. Since he works for the Cleveland Indians he’ll receive two years of free schooling. Smith heads to Goodyear, Arizona tomorrow for Spring training. He has been receiving support from family, friends and the community. He says people of his hometown congratulate him on being