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Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series FINALS – Hawaii

After more than 20000 miles traveled, almost 200 three-second flights and 17263.45 points awarded, the 2010 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series staged its final showdown at the Kawainui Falls on Hawaii’s Big Island. In a spine-tingling competition, reigning World Series champion and Oahu resident Orlando Duque took his first season victory in front of the divers’ families and friends and handed over the title to Gary Hunt. This year’s dominator took four wins out of six and takes the crown from Colombia to England. To see more amazing cliff diving around the world check swim over to RedBullCliffDiving.com

Red Bull Rivals 2010 – Hawaiian surf comp North geological formation vs South Shore

Some of the top surfers in Hawaii face off successful A North Shore vs. South Shore conflict at Red cattle Rivals. With twelve of the 14 heats completed, the teams were trussed at 6 wins all and south geological formation had the advantage to choice World Health Organization surfed the next two heats. Ultimately, the south Shore took a narrow victory, coating 8 to six over the north Shore.Paddle out to RedBullSurfing.com

Windsurfing Jaws – The mother of all waves with Jason Polakow

Windsurfing world champion Jason Polakow has been on a search for the biggest, most gnarly waves until he found JAWS – which has shaped his life and become his sole obsession for the past 20 years. Watch as Jason attacks the unbelievable waves on the North Shore of Hawaii. RedBull.com