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Maui Kai 806 presents retro images of Maui Ocean Beach & Hawaii Surf Paradise

Aloha, Enjoy these retro 90s images of Maui and Oahu and visit www.mauikai.org to book accomadations on Maui. The Maui Kai Condo Resort is one of Maui’s best kept secrets! Request the best… Maui Kai Oceanfront Studio Suite 806 http

Rational Station – Episode 02: Playing Well with Others

In which how religious folks are being selfish, irrational, paranoid, and unreasonable with regards to morality and government is explained by Sandra, our heroine. Sorry it took me so long to get this second episode out, folks. I encountered a hard drive problem (which turned out to be a loose connection, thankfully), a couple of 3D model malfunctions, a complete overhaul of the scene lighting, multiple recording sessions (none of which came out quite right ANYWAY), and I also took a week off to go to Hawaii (I’m not sorry about that part!). There’s no telling when Episode 03 will come out; I have a number of projects on the spike and I’ve been neglecting them to get this done. We’ll see.

Hawaii Five-o Theme Song Sample Beat

sample of the theme song from Hawaii Five-o. DJ Premier John Williams movie score Pete Rock Alchemist DJ Premier samples Hawaii Five Theme 9th Wonder Khrysis MPC MPC 2000xl SP Pete Rock fruity loops tutorial cbs hawaii five-o cbs hawaii five o preview

Power House Gym – Maui Hawaii

Powerhouse Gym is located at 1279 S. Kihei Rd. in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii At Powerhouse Gym, our goal is simple to give you the tools and guidance needed to get in the best shape of your life! In addition, we provide the best equipment and a motivated staff to keep you focused and on track. Our facility is for everyone from novice exerciser to avid bodybuilder. Our knowledgeable staff and experienced personal trainers are here to help no matter what your fitness level. Do you want to improve your health, increase your fitness level, and benefit from overall wellness? We can help! We don’t expect you to take our word for it. Come in today and see for yourself. Call us Today, at: 808-875-7993 www.powerhousegym.com www.facebook.com www.hawaiiontv.com

Debut Recording, Cool #10

This video marks the completion of the Shed recording studio located in Oahu, Hawaii. Built within a 7×7 WalMart storage unit, soundproofed and shielded from the ocean salt spray to preserve the electronics. Also featuring Basha the dog around the time she chewed up my wallet, my cc, my cel phone and a few other things dad likes. We survived her puppyhood years, and so did the music. 🙂 The rollout keyboard desk was custom built by Gordon Lee Designs, and the studio now features a Korg Triton Extreme as well as Yamaha monitors and bass cube. The list of features is growing. The studio has so far seen 10 television scoring projects, an actual CD recording project of Sarah Sullivan, and several songs now featured on chrisschulze.com . Much more to come! Stay tuned… Chris Schulze


This is the trailer of what will no doubt be a full length feature film of our trip to Kauai, Hawaii in February of 2012. The songs, to which I own no rights, are “Aloha” by Mana’o Company, “Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, and “Brighter Than the Sun” by Colbie Caillat

Tattoos Hawaii, Hawaii Tattoo Ideas

www.ENBAX.com Looking for the perfect tattoo? Browse through our gallery of beautiful tattoo pictures and ideas and find the design which suits you best. Print it out and bring it to your favorite tattoo artist or studio! You will without any doubt find tons of never seen before, surprisingly…