2 Jalex Manips: Paint by Committee and Wizards on Deck//Wizards of Waverly Place

Four Jalex supporters in these episodes: Jerry, Theresa, Harper AND Mosby! Another “should have been” episode in which Justin and Alex again get obviously flirty with each other. In Paint By Committee, Justin loves how Alex painted herself on the wall and Alex is always in awe of what Justin does and says to her. In SLOD, Justin tells his dad he’s going to stare at Alex and then have sex with her. Alex gets mad and tells her dad to get out, but when he leaves, she reveals Justin’s behind is the true distraction. They then snuggle on the couch and read and he tells her she is beautiful, which causes her to reminisce a little. Alex is then allowed to stay in Justin’s cabin. She says that if they just talk for a little bit, something Justin wants will happen. And he quickly realizes what that is, and he closes the door to give them the necessary privacy. But there at the door is Mosby. Wishes them well in their Rated-M escapades. And later they flirt on deck and this description is SO long. So hopefully like the other manips this speaks for itself. Anyway, if you don’t remember the episode, the unclear dialogue when Justin is talking to Alex while making pizza with Bailey is “got you” “yessss” And in the end, Justin takes Alex off the ship so he can bang her in Hawaii. Am I going to manip the movie even though it was serious Jalex? I probably will because even though it’s full of Jalex, there can always be more.