Hawaii Ironman Triathlon 2011 World Championships

The, Hawaii Ironman 2011 World Championship triathlon race in Kona, Hawaii, brought about some of the toughest and strongest mentally focused athletes in the world to race over 140 miles distance in some some of the most outrageous terrain imaginable. We wanted to produce this short video clip to inspire people, period. The discipline and determination, mental focus, physical fitness and positive mental attitude that it takes to compete in a race like this, brings out many of the top qualities that human beings are capable of. And to us, that is worth sharing with the world. This year we wanted to focus on the biomechanics of the professionals in this race, and the “story” of the race. It was a great year, the men’s world record was broken by Craig Alexander and Chrissie Wellington finished 20 minutes behind the first leader, after the bike, and still managed to run down all of her competition to come in first. Not all of us are cut out to be world class triathletes, but we sure can admire all of the qualities that it takes to get there. After watching this race, you will want to get your running shoes on, and we suggest that you do, after all your health is your wealth. We were fortunate enough to be allowed to use Peter Bergmann’s remix of Hans Zimmer,Time, for the music, you can find this download at www.facebook.com www.TriAddict.com TriAddict