Someone Wake Me Up -A Semi Love Story- Episode 111

-Continued…- Selena: *Sees Demi run past, hands something to Joe who was there for Demi and runs after her* DEMI! Wait! Demi: *Hears her and runs even faster up a flight of stairs until she gets to the roof; goes to the ledge and looks down* Selena: *Out of breath* No! Don’t you dare, Demi! Demi: Like you care. Selena: I do and I always will! I’ve been trying to pluck up the nerve to call you for the last ten months but I was scared! *Tears up* I know I hurt you, but I never meant for this to happen. Demi: I never meant for us to happen either, yet that happened! I thought you were perfect for me since as we’d known each other for years and you knew every little detail about me, but it turns out to be the biggest mistake of my life! *Crying now too* Selena: We were a mistake to you? Well, too bad that I think us happening was the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you so much Demi! Nobody will ever love you as much as I do. Demi: I can’t hate you or think that you hurt me anymore… I’ve tried to hate you for months but I can’t! Every part of me is still yours and if this is how I have to get over you, then so be it! *Takes a step closer to the edge* Selena: *Panicking as she gets closer; thinking of ways to stop her* OHANA! Demi: *Stops dead in her tracks* You remember Ohana? (I can’t spell it but it’s Hawaiian) Selena: How could I forget? We pretty much begged our parents to let us go to Hawaii like a family and after months of constant begging we gotta go