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~The Nerd And The School Baller~ A MB Love Story EP:3 Starring MB and YO!

::Paige’s POV:: I walked as fast as I can to the lunch room. I was walking too fast and I didn’t see where I was going. I had accedently ran into a boy and dropped my stuff. He turned around and helped me pick my stuff. I looked at him straight in the eye. Paige: Oh,, um i’m sorry ??: It’s okay my name is Jacob (Latimore) Paige: Nice to meet you my name is Paige. We stood up and he handed me my things. He gave me a little hug then he turned around and started walking with another boy. I started walking again and made it to the lunch room. I sat down at an empty table and pulled out my phone and started texting my best friend in Hawaii. I moved from out there 4 years ago and missed it since. Out of no where Prodigy and his crew came over to sit next to me and surrounded me. Prodigy: Hey, Beautiful.. Paige *giggles* Hi 🙂 Prodigy: What took you so long to get here? Paige: I had made a few stops along the way.. Prodigy: Oh.. okay at lunch we were laughing and joking around having fun then we went to our 4th period. The day went by pretty fast after that. I had walked towards my car. I was unlocking my car door when some one came up behind me and hugged me I turned and I scared it was Diggy but thank god it wasn’t it was Prodigy. Paige: Hi, Prod what are you doing. Prodigy: Nothing, I just thought I should say hi. Paige: Well, Hi then Prodigy: *giggles* Paige, Can I have your number. Paige: Sure.. *gives it to him* Prodigy: Thank you 🙂 Here’s mine Paige: Thank You and No