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The Siren’s Call

www.thesirenscall.net Young attorney Steven Perry has it all and is living the good life until his beautiful fiancee is killed by a drunk driver. The Siren’s Call is a story of the love between friends – – what we do to sustain our friendships, and, sadly, what we do to destroy them. Tormented by voices in his head, he attempts to escape his grief by fleeing to his friend Kip’s Northern Lake Michigan retreat. Feeling his friend’s distress,Kip convinces Steve to join him in Hawaii for an extended geatway where Steve attempts to deal with his grief and gestating madness. Steve soon begins to suspect that Kip is wrestling with his own demons that he refuses to reveal – – stressing their relationship to the breaking point. Even as Kip’s best friend, Steve cannot imagine neither the depth of Kip’s deception nor the terrible secret he is hiding. Filled with raw emotional power and vivid images of the surrounding landscapes, The Siren’s Call is an unforgettable story of two friends struggling to cope with profound grief the best way they know how as they try to make sense out of a senseless personal tragedy. Get your copy of the Siren’s Call today.

What’s Missing from the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Trailer!

Music! The song is “Dead Kennedys – Police Truck” from the THPS1 PSX and N64 Intro! Loved the shit out of this game back then! What will make me buy this game? It has to be a direct remake of it’s original, this game will also have some of the stages from THPS2! And what I want is; 1 – Chopper Drop, Hawaii, & Skate Heaven! Gnarly stages! 2 – Park Editor Mode 3 – Create-A-Skater Mode! Who doesn’t want that shit back?! and finally! 4 – Spidey bitch! Whew! Damn! Haven’t made a video in awhile! Been busy with my “team” on this shit; Go HERE; www.youtube.com If you want to join us, just leave a comment… Click Here www.youtube.com to see why you should stop supporting The Porn Industry, and why it’s bad for YOU! (Call Me a Faggot and I laugh at your little Pedophile-ass!)

House of Secrets Ep.1

THE GIRLS: Ashley-[gets off the plane and puts sunglasses on her head] LAX? This isn’t Hawaii!!! Melinda- [looks around] uh…really. i hadn’t noticed. Brittney- MELINDA! What’ve you done? Melinda:Okay, okay! Before you get mad- Alyssa-TOO LATE! WHY ARE WE HERE? Melinda- OKAY! I sorta…signedusupforsomething… Brittany-what? Melinda-[says slowly] i signed us up for something. Emma-WHAT? where are we going? Melinda-Umm..i don’t know, yet, but it’ll be amazing! Alyssa-whatever. it better be.[glares] *IN THE CAR* Melinda-which turn is next? Kayla-[has map upside down] I DON’T KNOW! I hate these things. Why don’t you have GPS? Melinda-Why don’t you have the map the right way? Kayla-[glares] whatever. who can read this? Alexandra-[takes the map] here! turn right and then go straight. Melinda-[follows direction and slams on brakes] What? I only see trees! Nickki-[smacks into the seat] ouch! whiplash, much?!? Alexandra-it’s what the map says! Nickki-[squints]there! do you see it? the house is behind those trees! Melinda[starts drving again] *WITH THE BOYS* Jayk-[peeks through the window blinds and sees the girls driving towards the house] They’re here! [smiles slyly.] xxx sorry this was So short. it WILL get better! Promise! PS I still need someone for Chris. and if you didn’t have a line in this one, you will in the next! Thank you to everyone who signed up! song: parachute//VFC