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Honk For Japan!

For every 1000000 views that this video gets, I will donate another $600. I will take screenshots again and post on my site www.higatv.com for proof, when it happens. People keep saying “why don’t you just donate the money instead of trying to get people to view it?” My biggest strength right now is that I’m fortunate enough to have a following. The purpose of this video was not only to support Japan myself, but to encourage others as well. I could have easily donated the money and not made a video about it, but I think its a lot more important to get support from all over the world. I personally can’t donate a million dollars, but if millions of people watch this and decide to chip in, it is possible… I’m just trying to help in the best way that I can. Money Donated so far $6475 3/14 – $600 (honk!) 3/16 – $650 (1 million views) 3/17 – $675 (2 million views) 3/19 – $700 (3 million views) 3/24 – $725 (4 million views) 4/2 – $750 (5 million views) 5/3 – $775 (6 million views) 7/27 – $800 (7 million views) 1/4/12 – $800 (8 million views) Japan America Society Hawaii www.jashawaii.org You can help support as well by making a donation at: www.REDCROSS.org Thank you to Victor Kim www.youtube.com Kevjumba www.youtube.com Chester See www.youtube.com Mike Song www.youtube.com

The Most Awesomest Fashion Show Ep. 4 – Kevin + Justin in Hawaii!

The Most Awesomest Fashion Show Ep. 4 | @ISAConcerts Watch Ep. 3: youtu.be 2012 Fall Concert Tour Info: youtu.be Subscribe For More ISA TV: youtube.com Starring: KevJumba | twitter.com Justin Chon | twitter.com Featured Brand: In4mation Shop: 1154 Nuuanu Ave. Honolulu, HI 96817 Purchase: shop.in4mants.com Follow: twitter.com Instagram: @In4mhawaii ISA TV Official: ISATV.com Tumblr ISATV.tumblr.com Subscribe youtube.com Follow: twitter.com Fan: facebook.com Pin: pinterest.com Instagram: @ISATV Filmed: Evan Asato | Kasie Clark jahsato.com http facebook.com Edited: Jason Tenandar Theme Song: David Choi | “I Choose Happiness” itunes.apple.com Music Soundtrack Provided by: Kero One | twitter.com Kero1.com | http Special Thanks: Mr. Kim, Evan Asato, Kasie Clark, In4mation, Ryan Arakaki, Todd Shimabuku, Jun Jo, Rhandy Tambio.

Victor & JR having a little fun with Bob Marley

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL! Also check out our: Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: on.fb.me Website: ytfglobal.com for more YTF! Awesome shirts too! YTF gang having a little fun in Hawaii while Victor and JR sing “Is it Love” on the beach.