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2012 Shift in Consciousness Kirk’s GuruMayi & The Chocolate bar – 4/17

2012 Shift in Consciousness for more @ kirktv Gurumayi and the chocolate bar… fall 1992 When I entered the suite of gurumayi one late afternoon on the upper east side, serving two simple mint teas, how could I know that by accepting her gift of chocolate in return for my service that I had unwittingly garnered the affection? the praise? the shakti: a hindu blessing…of a living, incarnated deity…. In retrospect: because of my authentic response I had pleased her and received her blessing on my life and in my body… a bar of chocolate and her divine grace… it’s called receiving “shaktiput” and it begins the process of inner purification called: “The serpent’s fire of Kundalini” When I was walking down the hall later I paused- shrugged my head and thought something to the effect of: when I looked into that ladies eyes I saw something different… yes different than all the others…hmmm ? It wasn’t God but it sure wasn’t one of those rich vampires or even that of a human… I ate the chocolate with a big grin on my face. …it was the chocolate, of course that I took as a gift and the blessing contained therein that lit the burn that raged throughout out my body – for the next three years, manifesting at first as severe sciatica and then a full tilt breakdown…bedridden for the first two years and then on welfare and food stamps for another two… I was unemployable. I was broke. I had no idea what was happening to me: it was like being slipped acid at a fiesta in

what i packed for hawaii!

A bit of a pointless and poorly shot video but thought you might want to see what i’m packing xxxxxxx