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Send Out a Ready Check

A silly song about what takes place before, during, and after the everyday WoW raid. Enjoy guys! -Xylan DOWNLOAD THE MP3: www.mediafire.com Lyrics: Yah Yah Yah, Yah Yah [4x] [Chorus] When I step up in the raid Step is here? correct Woo-Hah send out a ready check I got that frost wyrm flask Make you heal perfect Woo-Hah send out a ready check and the druids got buffs mages intellect Woo-Hah send out a ready check Shards for soulstone Is it ready yet? Woo-Hah send out a ready check [Verse 1] Xy-lan up in the raid, true indeed Yes I got a lock aoe spam seed A paladin for blessing of kings One blood death-knight for straight up deeps Wake up every morning yo I need coffee Nation want me in his raid for ICC Yo really let me roll up some weed Log online, Summon me, now must proceed Yo we bout’ to down bosses with speed Half way through, needa go and pee Desyncronize like Assassin’s Creed Bladder be making me sweat stampede Just feed off doritoes and icecream Mountain Dew tolerance I recieve Woo-Hah AFK, BRB Is everyone ready? If so proceed, Pull [Chorus] [Verse 2] How dare you ever try to ninja my cloth shoes? I’ll jump all over your rep like Tom Cruise Please! Give me a port, don’t be rude I wanna tell the entire server bout’ you Yo, join up a new raid around 2:00 Ask the whole group if they done’ heard the news Woo-Hah We mock and talk about you Put you on ignore, so we never see you Send a ready check, now we ready to move Coming through, tank pulls, hunter peels to help the