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In Hawaii: Part 1 “Aloha”

Hey everyone, this is Part 1 of a two part series of some exploring/adventuring in a rural area of maui, and sort of a “welcome” to the start of the rest of my videos which are filmed while in Hawaii. In Part 2 we return to the location but when it’s a little dryer and talk about some things you need to think about when exploring alone.

2008 Maxim Hometown Hotties Finalist: Lolly Malone

Come behind-the-scenes with Maxim.com on the 2008 Hometown Hotties Finalist shoot. Introducing Lolly Malone, a 23 year old Hometown Hotties finalist from El Paso, TX, currently residing in Waianae, Hawaii. Lolly says “I´m married, but Maxim.com listed me as ´single.´ It probably earned me more votes!” See Lolly’s sexy hottie pictures: www.maxim.com See more Maxim videos here: www.maxim.com Follow Maxim on Facebook here: www.Facebook.com Follow Maxim on Twitter here: www.Twitter.com Subscribe to Maxim Magazine here: secure.palmcoastd.com