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Microsoft Flight is it any good

Microsoft Flight just got released today and i made this video to show if you have not got it yet My opinion below I like it really but its not as better than fs9 or fsx but what i don’t like is that you are only on one island in Hawaii (I do know Microsoft is making the world later on) and you only have 2 aircraft to fly (You can buy 2 more with Microsoft points But what made me happy about this is that its FREE to download so go and get it and comment below if you like it or hate it

I promise we will make it! A Cailey pregnancy! Episode 2

Here you go guys. I havebeen busty these days so I apologize for not uploading any episode. Ture love wil lbe out soon too. And I have to tell you! Debby replied my commet on her latest video. I’m so happy 🙂 Episode 2 (the next day in class) Everyone was sitting in the classroom. Bailey sat beside Cody. Then their teacher Miss Tutwailer come into the classroom. Teacher: Good morning class! Students: Good morning Miss Tutwailer. Teacher: Welcome to a new and exiting year at seven seas high, Which is your senior year! Zack: After this year is finished. Freedom here I come! Teacher: Zack! Zack: What then it’s no school and I con do whatever I want. Teacher: You may go in a university. Cody: Oh please. Zack in a university. He would never come in to any university in the world. Zack: Hey I can come into a sport university. Teacher: Okey save the university talk to the lunch. Now we are gonna start the lesson. (at the lunch) Bailey sat with Cody and their friends Zack,London,Maya and Woody. Zack: So we’re back on this boat. I don’t think Mr Moseby is so happy about it. London: I saw him screaming. OH NO THE EVIL TWINS ARE BACK!!!! Maya: Haha Really. London: Yupp. Bailey: It’s fun to see all again. I have missed you all. Maya: Me too. Zack: Well I have missed one person here the most! *Flashes a flirty smile towards Maya* Maya: *giggles* Me too sweetie. Cody: I’m with Zack! There is only one person here I missed the most too. *smile a shy smile towards Bailey* Bailey: *giggles

Camping Trip Gone Right! – Hawaiian Adventure

Camping On The Beach – Day 1 Vlog – Swimming with Sea Turtles, Dolphins, NEMO, Puffer fish & MORE! **Please Subscribe** Stay Tuned for DAY 2