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On Date street in Honolulu Hawaii

I just left Jack in the Box and was driving home from Waikiki Beach. I thought how lucky I am to live in Hawaii on this March day. Even the not so pretty area is nice. If you look to the left side you will see Waikiki highrises. I use to drive this street alot when I lived down on Diamond Head and when my nephew Matt lived there……good memories.

Bridging the GAP WWBD Hawaii Tour Promo Video

Bridging the GAP and SGU of Afresh Ministries, are ministering and setting a Roll Call for the High School youth to join us in corporate worship at hope chapel west oahu may 9th 2011!!! WWBD Tour Please go to (www.wwbdhawaii.info) Bridging the GAP Please go to (www.gospelandpoetry.com) IKE-E and Street Gospel United Please go to (www.streetgospelunited.com) AfreshMinistries Please go to (www.afreshclothing.com)

Betty’s Beach Cafe – Maui Hawaii

Bettys’ Beach Cafe is now OPEN, Serving up beautiful cocktails, beautiful food and beautiful views! Come Lose yourself today!! Meet, Eat, Drink! We Serve GREAT FOOD 7 Days a Week 8am – 10pm The Bar is open until Midnight!! Every Night!! Meet: Betty’s Beach Cafe is THE PLACE to meet in Lahaina!! Visit us online at www.bettysbeachcafe.com for fun, upcoming events! Eat Breakfast (eggs, omelettes, scrambles, pancakes and more..), Burgers, Sandwiches, Pupus, Salads, Plates and Wraps Drink: Betty’s thinks the Best Thing for you is a tasty, delicious cocktail! Try our signature choices today: Watermelon Lime Drop, Raspberry Cosmo, Passion Fruit Cooler,Raspberry Lemonade, Mojito De Cuba, Watermelon Lemonade, Malibu Planters Punch, and many more!!! SPECIALS: Lobster Night, Birthday Night, Happy Hour, Brunch Specials Log onto our site at www.bettysbeachcafe.com Betty’s Beach Cafe is located at 505 Front Street, Lahaina Maui Hawaii 96761 808.662.0300 www.bettysbeachcafe.com