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Bridging the GAP WWBD Hawaii Tour Promo Video

Bridging the GAP and SGU of Afresh Ministries, are ministering and setting a Roll Call for the High School youth to join us in corporate worship at hope chapel west oahu may 9th 2011!!! WWBD Tour Please go to (www.wwbdhawaii.info) Bridging the GAP Please go to (www.gospelandpoetry.com) IKE-E and Street Gospel United Please go to (www.streetgospelunited.com) AfreshMinistries Please go to (www.afreshclothing.com)

Lady Gaga Working with Azealia Banks Twitter Chatter

bit.ly – Subscribe to ClevverMusic (Little Monsters only!) on.fb.me – ClevverMusic Facebook Fan Page! Twitter.com – Follow Us! Is Mother Monster collaborating with new pal Azealia Banks?! We’ll fill you in. Hey Little Monsters, welcome back to ClevverMusic. As you know, Lady Gaga recently announced her upcoming collaboration with Kendrick Lamar titled “Partynauseous”. Now, looks like Azealia Banks may be the latest singer to snag a collab with Gaga. Based on tweets the two gals have been exchanging, we’re thinking something is in the works. Azealia tweeted on August 21st “When Mother Monster calls …” Followed less than an hour later with “Sh—is about to get very f—ing real.” AKA Lady Gaga just called you and asked you to hop in the studio with her? And the #realness is that your career has just now skyrocketed beyond your imagination? Uh we hope so. Lady Gaga confirmed the phone call by retweeting Azealia’s tweet and adding one of her own “Can you make ’99 Problems’ my ring tone for when I call you, and then shout ‘Bitch Ain’t One’ at me when you pick up?” Umm we hope this is an inside joke between the two. Azealia is no doubt stoked to be chatting with Gaga on Twitter, she tweeted again saying, “Talking to Lady Gaga on that twitta… NBD” That is indeed A BIG DEAL, and she tweeted that she cancelled her trip to Hawaii abruptly, so could working with Gaga have anything to do with that? Gaga is currently half way around the world so we’re not sure about that. Another


“Strictly SIR” – OUT on 01/29/2010!! For more information, please visit my website: www.myspace.com The promo single “Closer (I gotta Feeling)” by Ne-Yo will be released on 01/22/2010 and have its world premiere on the Belgian station Radio Contact on their show “Les Mix de Contact”. 🙂 TRACKLIST 01) Ne-Yo – Closer (I gotta Feeling) 0:00 02) Monrose – Strictly Physical (You’re Hot’n’Cold) 0:31 03) Nelly Furtado feat. Aaliyah & Missy Elliott – Do it (If your girl only knew …) 0:56 04) John Legend – Save Room (You can get it) (Summer 2009 Version) 1:22 05) Aaliyah – Rock the Boat (SIR’s Sunset Remix) 1:47 06) Selena – Bidi Bidi Bom Bom (SIR’s Hawaii Remix) 2:12 07) Leona Lewis feat. Kanye West – Bleeding Love (I’ll be Stronger) 2:38 08) 2Pac – Changes (Say it Right!) 3:03 09) OneRepublic feat. Timbaland – Apologize (What you don’t know) 3:28 10) Monrose – What you don’t know (I Apologize) 3:54 11) Nelly Furtado – Say it Right (Or you fall) (SIR’s House Remix) 4:19 12) Rihanna feat. Jay-Z – Umbrella (Canon Rock Remix) 4:44 13) Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson & DOE – The Way I Are (JO Jazz Version) 5:10 14) Ich + Ich – Stark (Was du nicht weißt …) 5:36 15) Linkin Park feat. Jay-Z – Numb / Encore (Say it Right) 6:00 16) MIA – Paper Planes (Run This Town) (MIA’s Solo Version) 6:26 “Strictly SIR”, my first mashup-album, will finally be released on January 29th, 2010. After it had been postponed due to the fifth fanclub meeting of Monrose in favor of the “Monrose-Edition” of the

FireMan Hooper Soca Monarch 2012 on Carnival Tv Live

FireMan Hooper in Trinidad & Tobago on Carnival Tv Soca Monarch Power Caribbean Connections Tv Canada Toronto world wide Paradise Nicole Hendrickson St.vincent Grenadines west indies FireMan Hooper in Trinidad & Tobago on Carnival Tv Caribbean “Trinidad And Tobago Carnival” Reggae Hawaii Jamaica Elephant 2012 power soca monarch T&T

Lovelessizm Fashion Show feat. Jason Yang & Jake Moulton

Live footage from my performance with the buddy Jake Moulton at Lovelessizm’s fashion show on March 22, 2011 at Ala Moana Centerstage in Hawaii. Our assignment was to create a seven minute piece for the runway and then a three minute finale. We came up with this eclectic but energetic mashup of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” with Bruno Mars’ “Grenade,” with a few touches of “Resistance” by Muse and “Heartless” by Kanye West. The finale piece is Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic.” For us, the real challenge in this performance was trying to match the timing of our live act to the pace of the models so that we could end it perfectly in time with the last model. But I think we pulled it off alright and we had a blast performing at this show! We hope you enjoy the video! Special thanks and shoutouts to Richie Miao and Lovelessizm, Kara Matsunaga, Malie Moran, Alona Hamoy, and to my dad for filming! SUBSCRIBE! www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Audio from my camera wasn’t very good so if you want to check out some other videos uploaded by other people, here are a few: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com

Kanye West – Mercy ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz Official Music Video [Hunter Remix]

Download this song here: www.reverbnation.com LYRICS: No lamborghini mercy, see me ride up in a scooter/ I’m swaggin up inside your neighborhood, and I’m swaggin on the computer/ A lyrical inovater, and yet I need a tutor/ Just ask my teachers, with these D’s I should work at Hooters/ Who you calling a loser? My mind’s sharp as the tip of a dart/ My nickname’s Kevin ’cause you know that I always spit it with Hart/ This is the art, that will set me apart, from everyone that tries me/ Because no one is close to me, I feel like Hawaii/ This beat said “Ride me” I replied, “I’m only fourteen”/ But I couldn’t leave it hanging like a porch swing/ So I dug into my genius and I wrote some lyrics/ And here I ended up, spitting them for the world to hear it/ I’m flyer than the fox in Sonic with it’s spinning tails/ Stay fresh, this cracker’s never going stale/ Make it hail, make it lighting ’cause I ball more than eye drops/ You don’t have to be a geologist to see that I rock/ Tell Simba that I’m coming for my rightful spot on Pride Rock/ Forget COD, I’m leader of the white ops/ I rhyme hot and I got the force, the microphone’s my lightsaber/ I’m growing a deeper buzz, than a vibrator/ More agile than iceskaters with the words that I be thinking of/ Never ending knowledge, walking encyclopedia/ Rhyming for the media, I’m destined to go mainstream/ Give me any beat, I’m more versatile than the A Team/ Aim so amazing, I’m more precise than HawkEye/ You’re more useless than those Grand