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Quest Crew – Hawaii Assorted Mini-Tripe

A collection of a few moments captured on video, during the first Quest Hawaii Trip . I wouldn’t called it a true tripe, because the clips are pretty long and actually not that mixed up . I hope to have a real 3rd installment sometime soon . They’re fun to make ! And there’s a bonus couple of clips from the Dance Crew days . Enjoy .


“Strictly SIR” – OUT on 01/29/2010!! For more information, please visit my website: www.myspace.com The promo single “Closer (I gotta Feeling)” by Ne-Yo will be released on 01/22/2010 and have its world premiere on the Belgian station Radio Contact on their show “Les Mix de Contact”. 🙂 TRACKLIST 01) Ne-Yo – Closer (I gotta Feeling) 0:00 02) Monrose – Strictly Physical (You’re Hot’n’Cold) 0:31 03) Nelly Furtado feat. Aaliyah & Missy Elliott – Do it (If your girl only knew …) 0:56 04) John Legend – Save Room (You can get it) (Summer 2009 Version) 1:22 05) Aaliyah – Rock the Boat (SIR’s Sunset Remix) 1:47 06) Selena – Bidi Bidi Bom Bom (SIR’s Hawaii Remix) 2:12 07) Leona Lewis feat. Kanye West – Bleeding Love (I’ll be Stronger) 2:38 08) 2Pac – Changes (Say it Right!) 3:03 09) OneRepublic feat. Timbaland – Apologize (What you don’t know) 3:28 10) Monrose – What you don’t know (I Apologize) 3:54 11) Nelly Furtado – Say it Right (Or you fall) (SIR’s House Remix) 4:19 12) Rihanna feat. Jay-Z – Umbrella (Canon Rock Remix) 4:44 13) Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson & DOE – The Way I Are (JO Jazz Version) 5:10 14) Ich + Ich – Stark (Was du nicht weißt …) 5:36 15) Linkin Park feat. Jay-Z – Numb / Encore (Say it Right) 6:00 16) MIA – Paper Planes (Run This Town) (MIA’s Solo Version) 6:26 “Strictly SIR”, my first mashup-album, will finally be released on January 29th, 2010. After it had been postponed due to the fifth fanclub meeting of Monrose in favor of the “Monrose-Edition” of the

The AJ Rafael Band – When We Say Juicebox HI-FAP2010

The AJ Rafael Band performing “When We Say (Juicebox)” Hawaii Featured Acoustic Playlist Presented by BTVfam Hawaii Pipeline Cafe July 3rd 2010 *Sorry guys, this song is called “When We Say” not When You Say, i had a typo error in the video 🙂 I was directly in the center where the speaker/monitors were facing so most of my HI-FAP video audio with AJ Band might be a little cranky because of the loud bass sound and drums, this is the best i could get 🙂 Thank you BTVfam Hawaii for bringing AJ and friends down to pipeline. Amazing artists performing in one night. *Some people are asking me whether i have videos of Jeff Bernat & Victor Kim. I wish i had recorded at least one set of theirs too, but I do not have them, not because i don’t like them, i do! they are amazing too but my memory card and my batt couldn’t last for all so i had to take a chance and video in between. It managed to last through AJ’s set so i got most of it at the end :)* You can watch “When We Say” Music Video on AJ’s youtube. check out the other individual band member’s channel. AJ Rafael (Vocal, Keys) www.youtube.com Andrew Rhim (Guitar) www.youtube.com Noah Bartfield (Bass) www.youtube.com Danny Morledge (Drums) *if danny has a channel, let me know the link and i’ll put it up.

A Justena Story: *season 4* Never Say Never EPISODE 3

Haha decided to update this cuz i’m bored and before my lil cuzins come and disturb me xD ________________________________________________________ Selena: thats me *gasps* Justin: *shows her another picture* and thats Jamie! Our son! Selena: *crying* I dont have a son! Justin: i’ll explain it all to you over some lunch Selena: fine WHEN THEY GET TO LUNCH Selena: explain Jusitn: Well over a year ago Jeydon “your boyfriend” took Jamie and my daughter Isabella he was going to kill so for there safety you decided to go with him Selena: Jeydon would never kill anyone! Justin: He tried to kill me! Selena: *stands up* i’ leaving Justin: Sel- please why dont you remember? Selena: I just dont remember! Justin: what happened that made you forget everyhing?! Selena: I dont know! One day I just woke up and everything was blank! Jeydon explained everything clearly to me Justin: ugh..! I’m getting to the bottom of this! WITH JEYDON Jeydon: *yells* Logan! Logan Lerman: what?! Jeydon: you told me these pills would erase Sel’s mind completly! *shows him the pills* Logan: dont they? Jeydon: shes starting to remember! Logan: well give her the maximum 3 Jeydon: whatever *walks out* WITH JAMIE Jamie: *playing outside* Taylor Lautner: Hey you! Jamie: *walks up to him* yea? Taylor Lautner: wheres your father? I havent gotten my weekly check Jamie: Hey went to New York, you can ask my Aunt Taylor shes back from Hawaii Taylor L: okay *walks inside* Taylor Siwft: may I help you? Taylor L; My check

Movies In Minutes – Never Say Never nigahiga New Video!!Spoof of Justin Bieber Movie

Spoof of Justin Bieber Movie, Never Say Never. Meet Rustin Hieber and see his incredible life. Douche. Special Thank You to: JR Aquino www.youtube.com Get JR’s sexy shirts at: JRA.BigCartel.com Catherine Zoe http Timmy Doe and PrestigiousModels.com www.prestigiousmodels.com Ryan Higa Wikipedia Nigahiga is a popular YouTube channel created by Japanese-American friends Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos and Tarynn Nago (known collectively as “The Yabo Crew”)’. Since relocating to Las Vegas to study filmmaking at UNLV,[1] Higa’s videos are usually solo efforts except during school breaks when he sometimes visits Hilo and collaborates with the Yabo Crew.[2] They are known for their YouTube comedy videos, which have been viewed over 500 million times.[3] As of December 21, 2010, Higa’s YouTube channel, nigahiga, has over 3 million subscribers and is the most subscribed YouTube channel of all time ahead of such prominent YouTube users as Smosh, RayWilliamJohnson, ShaneDawsonTV and Fred.[4]. Content Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi started posting YouTube videos of themselves lip-synching to songs in mid 2006 while attending Waiakea High School.[5] They quickly expanded beyond songs, with a variety of other comedic pieces. Occasional guest appearances are made by Tim Enos, Ryan Villaruel, Kyle Chun, and Tarynn Nago, collectively known as the “Yabo Crew”.[6] On Christmas Eve of 2008, Higa and Fujiyoshi’s two most popular videos, How to be gangster and How to be Emo, were removed