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yhin – hawaii para dime

You wouldn’t understand the reality bending involved in manifesting this song. Who the frack stenciled 504 at least 3 times in Newtown? Obviously time travel is involved. You would be schizophrenic too if you walked in my shoes. A warning to you apron wearing archon loving fags. This song will haunt you and undress your daughter at the same time. I know about the blue/green ley waves. Blue and green must never be seen? You retarded fucks. I suppose Satan and Lucifer and 666 are bad too, huh? Geez, you underestimate me. I got some qabala riffs going on in this shit too. “G” stands for gay, right? hahaha you’re in trouble RAAAAA!!

VERY well behaved Hawaiian AQHA Cremello stallion breeding

IF you control a horses’ feet-you control his mind. How much control can you have without a halter? How about this? This young AQHA stud is taught by hand signals to stay and wait until the human comes to get him to breed. He is moved daily by hand signals, excercised by hand signals and is very respectful and responsive to “his human.” www.hawaiiancremello.com


Rothschild Zionists Threaten Organiser of David Icke Events in Hawaii With ‘Consequences’ If He Doesn’t Cancel www.davidicke.com www.davidicke.com www.davidicke.com www.infomaticfilms.com

Its You Day Reflections: Eldon Taylor & Amy Highmoor

Its You Day Reflections: Eldon Taylor & Amy Highmoor Amy and her team at It’s You Life Coaching put on an amazing celebration of inner connection! Many listened in live, behind the scenes of over 18 hours of interviews! It’s You Day, began the formulation of mass goodness across the globe! Live from Hawaii for this first take, we visited west to east coast on the US Mainland and Canada. Flew around the world to South Africa and Australia! A world of You! A world of Joy! A world of Love!

Aloha State of Mind- Darron Cambra & Jamaica Osorio

Dec at Hawaii Theatre Slam This is a remake of Jay-z and Alicia Keys’s Empire State of Mind Darron is a mentor for Youth Speaks Hawai’i, Jam is YSH alum and a member of the back to back 08 & 09 Squads Hawaii Theatre Slam is the Newest and Fairest All-ages Slam on Oahu- hosted by Bridget Gray and Travis T Also checkout YSH’s 2nd Sat Show (teen slam& open mic{old people allowed if there’s space}) 3p every 2nd Sat. FREE at Art at Mark’s- same place as our weekly wed. writing workshop 4:30-6 hosted by Darron

‘One Heart One Mind’ Dolphin Retreat with Celebrity Co-Host

January 6 – 13 in KONA, ArosCrystos and a Celebrity Host will co-host this spiritual retreat in Kona, Hawaii, You will interact with WILD dolphins in the OPEN OCEAN and experience the true essence of who you are: a Divine Multidimensional Being. Evenings we will incorporate the energy of ‘One Heart One Mind’ creating a dolphin pod on land. www.aroscrystos.com