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The Elvis Presley Statue in Hawaii

Narox the Silent Hawaiian visits the life sized 1100 pound detailed bronze sculpture of Elvis Presley at the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu Hawaii. The music icon is depicted atop a pedestal, commemorating his 1973 Aloha From Hawaii concert. It was the World’s First Satellite TV Concert and it was a major television milestone broadcasted live globally to over a billion people in over 30 countries. The statue was donated by TV Land. There are 6 TV Land Landmark statues in the US: Bob Newhart in Chicago Mary Tyler Moore in Minneapolis Ralph Kramden in NY Bewitched in Salem Mass Andy Griffith in Raleigh and the Elvis Presley statue in Honolulu

Inside the stadium

This is what graduation is like in Hawaii. I made this video some time ago, thought it would be nice to show people how the University of Hawaii at Manoa celebrates graduation. *Notes: – I did a rush job to show my grandparents so I used Windows Movie Maker. My favorite non-linear editor right now is Open Shot; see my more advance videos on Vimeo. – Slumdog Millionaire came out near that time, so I used “Jai Ho” as the music piece. The whole “may you be victorious” atmosphere felt fitting in this video.