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Meet Sarah – Grove City College

Sarah is the Director of Admissions at Grove City College. She guides the Admissions Office and recruits in Western Pennsylvania, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, Colorado, North & South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Iowa. If you ned to reach the Admissions Office, please call 724.458.2100 or e-mail us at [email protected]

Inside the stadium

This is what graduation is like in Hawaii. I made this video some time ago, thought it would be nice to show people how the University of Hawaii at Manoa celebrates graduation. *Notes: – I did a rush job to show my grandparents so I used Windows Movie Maker. My favorite non-linear editor right now is Open Shot; see my more advance videos on Vimeo. – Slumdog Millionaire came out near that time, so I used “Jai Ho” as the music piece. The whole “may you be victorious” atmosphere felt fitting in this video.