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Hannah in Kauai 3 – Hey Original Song

4 year old Hannah in Kauai, Hawaii (Part 3 of 4) Boating, Snorkeling, Dolphins, Sea Life, Water Caves Original Song “Hey” by Hannah’s Family Copyright 2012 (c) Hannah’s Dad All Rights Reserved Part 1: Kauai – The Garden Island www.youtube.com Part 2: Kauai – Rooster Country www.youtube.com Part 3: Kauai – Blue Hawaii (This Video) Part 4: Kauai – Lighthouse (Not Ready Yet) .

Ballad of the Snakes of Hawaii original

This is entirely different and unconnected to the band Army Navy’s Snakes of Hawaii song. It’s a nonsense ballad; I got the idea for it from a quote by science fiction author Philip K. Dick (it’s in the rather long and rambling introduction to “I Hope We Get There Soon”). There’s a couple slip-ups but of all my tries so far this is the version I think works best.

Lorna Can’t See – My former band “Sour Mash”- Wayne M. Morita

From our all original CD “Don’t Let it Die.” This is the last song that Darren sang on. This song has both Darren and Robbie on Vocals. Darren is singing the verses, while Robbie is singing the Chorus’s. Music Written: July ’92 Lyrics Written by Darren Holzman in ’95 Recorded at Audio Resource in Hawaii in ’97 Wayne M. Morita: Lead and Rhythm Guitar; backing vocals Kalani Wilia: Bass Guitar; backing vocals Darren Holzman: Lead vocals on the versus Robbie Littlejohn: Lead vocals on the chorus’s Mark Griffen: Drums