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➤ Kumbaya + More Lyrics ♫

FREE SONG (MP3): Just RIGHT click on the link below to download this free song: ‪www.4you.dreamerstoday.com The style of guitar playing is called, “Drum Guitar.” …it is a style of playing that I developed, using a padded drum stick to strike the guitar, creating amazing colors of sound. …in this particular song, the guitar is tuned to regular tuning. …it you’d like to see tutorial video on how to play drum guitar, refer to the following link: www.youtube.com ______________________________________________ KUMBAYA with New Lyrics by jAckie messenger *Someone’s singing, singing a song for you *Someone’s singing, singing a song for you Hear me singing Lord, kumbaya Hear me singing Lord, kumbaya Hear me singing Lord, kumbaya Oh Lord, kumbaya *Oh Lord, I need you now my Lord *May I hear your voice, your every whisper *May I hear you Lord *Someone’s praying, praying a prayer for you *Someone’s praying, praying a prayer for you Hear me praying Lord, kumbaya Hear me praying Lord, kumbaya Hear me praying Lord, kumbaya Oh Lord, kumbaya Oh Lord, kumbaya *Additional Lyrics have a star in front of the line, and were written by Jackie Messenger @2010 All Rights Reserved ——————————————————————————— PS This video was filmed, recorded, and uploaded on 10-10-’10 October 10, 2010 at 10:10pm (Hawaii time) unfortunately it took a long time to upload, so it says it was uploaded on 10-11-10, but that’s okay, the moment was still

Hawaii Sessions Longboarding

Soul. Adventure. Aloha. Your longboard can take you some incredible places, if you choose to follow. The 5th Sessions Longboarding series in Hawaii is all about following your longboard, and your heart. Go the places you want to go. Ride your hills how you want to ride. Love your friends. They are all waiting. Go Longboard. Hawaii Sessions Longboaridng Part 1 of 11. More from Original: www.originalskateboards.com Shot in February 2009.

Hawaii- Promise Rings & Other Things Original

MUST READ THIS: SOOooo, I’ve been sick with a Sinus infection for the past 2 days. Its killer, so I took medication for it and might have overdosed a little lastnight lol Said take 1, but I took 2, cuz I was really sick and my head was throbbing. I recorded this lastnight while it was still in effect lol Hope you enjoy. I wrote this song when I was 16. I wrote it for this girl that I honestly thought we were going to be together forever. I know, cliche and sounds dumb. But I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about. Anyways, we’re not together anymore. These were real thoughts and feelings i wanted her to know how I felt. At one point in our relationship, she wanted to get Promise rings for us, and I told her no need, cuz I can trust her just like she trusts me. So in return, I wrote this song to her as my promise song, ring, what ever you want to call it. Even though we’re not together anymore, I put this video up for people that can relate to this song, not story, but song. STORY BEHIND SONG: Have you ever felt like the one your with is truly the one/ could be the one? Have you ever felt like you are truly lucky to be the girl/ guy that is dating/ going out with him/ her? Well, I did when I was in love. She was my first true love and I thought she was soo beautiful. I hope you like this song and can relate to it! FACEBOOK MUSIC PAGE: www.facebook.com MYSPACE MUSIC PAGE: www.myspace.com TWITTER PAGE: twitter.com REVERBNATION PAGE: www.reverbnation.com FORMSPRING

Wonder Original

Finished writing this in Hawaii sand performed it for the first time at HI FAP. Such an amazing show with amazing people. This is a song about that person we’re all gonna end up with. Lyrics I wonder when ill meet you and i wonder if you wonder back and i wonder if well be opposites cause baby opposites attract prechorus well at atleast thats what my momma told me she said ill find of love thats just like the stories chorus i wonder what you name is gonna be im wondering if you will be the girl version of me will you see the way i see will you think the way i think oi just cant wait till we meet i wonder when youll happen ive been waiting for something new and i wonder if your left handed and if music is your thing to and i wonder if ive already met you loved you then you asked me to forget you hook bridge will i be the one to say hi to you do you love family like i do when i meet you will i already know it because my heart has gotten used to bein broken broken.