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Underwater Gopro vs Eyeofmine Aquarium Waterproof housing test Blue Jack Dempsey

Testing out my Gopro in my fish tank against an Eyeofmine standard flat lens waterproof housing. Im going to Kauai, Hawaii this summer and will be doing a lot of snorkeling and wanted to take my Gopro for capturing fish underwater while I snorkel. Eyeofmine housing is my choice and it tested out great with my 55g Fish tank of Electric Blue Jack Dempsey cichlids and other freshwater community fish. Gopro Hero 2 1080p Medium 127 degree view settings.

Time-lapse Hawaii

Trying my hand at some time-lapse photography. Towards the end I had to stop shooting as it started raining. In Hawaii its winter time when it rains everyday. 🙂 Hardware Used:- Panasonic DMC-LX5 VISTA Explorer Tripod Intervelometer (Arduino, Servo, LCD, Flash hot shoe mount adapter, Piece of metal, Gorilla Glue, Breadboard, Zip ties 🙂 ) Software Used:- VirtualDub 1.9.11 Camera Settings:- Mode=Manual(M) Image Type=JPEG Fine ISO=80 Exposure=1/60 sec F-Stop=f/8 Aperture=2 Exposure Compensation=0 Miscellaneous Total Shots taken=3338. Time delay between shots=2.0 seconds Frame rate of video=30fps Time of day=3:24 PM HST – 5:15 PM HST Date=24th December 2011 Location=Honolulu