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It Was Sunday…

lmao what a nice sunday to skateee! subscribeeee so you dont miss my big montage comeing out soon! music by peter john ross (sonnyboo.com) TAGS TO IGNORE- Eric Koston Girl Independent Spitfire Nike SB Fourstar Sean Malto Girl Thunder Spitfire Etnies Fourstar Gatorade, Diamond Dorien Walker Plan B/Sk8Shred Independent Hubba DC Volcom Neff, Shake Junt, Bones, MOB Grip, Nixon, Oakley,Monster Energy,Skullcandy Headphones,CCS Mike Carroll Girl Royal Fillmore Lakai Fourstar Diamond PJ Ladd Plan B Venture Plan B wheels — FTC — Paul Rodriguez Jr. Plan B Silver Gold Wheels Nike SB — Mountain Dew, Nixon, FKD, Diamond, Incase, Target Danny Way Plan B Independent — DC Shoes — Nixon Bam Margera Element Destructo — Electric Nyjah Huston I & I skateboards Silver — — — FKD, Diamond Ryan Gallant Expedition One Venture Gold Wheels Circa — MOB Grip Bucky Lasek Element Independent Pig Vans Billabong Rockstar energy Jerry Hsu Enjoi Royal Ricta Emerica CCS — Ryan Sheckler Plan B Independent Plan B wheels Etnies — Red Bull, Oakley, Nixon, MOB Grip,CCS,FKD bearings Andrew Reynolds Baker Independent — Emerica Altamont Brigada, Shake Junt,Nixon Chris Cole Zero Thunder Spitfire Fallen — Monster Energy,MOB Griptape, Reign Skateshop Shane O’Neill Skate Mental Thunder Spitfire Nike SB Fourstar Grizzly Grip,CCS Mike Mo Capaldi Girl Royal Fillmore Lakai Matix — Wade DesArmo DGK Venture Gold Wheels — — RDS Chany Jeanguenin Expedition One Indy Viva Wheels — Diamond

This Is Jason Park.

Jason is a Hawaiian skater who’s been killin it for years, unfortunately he never really get the recognition he deserves. Well, it’s time for change! If you wanna support him, please share this video! For more videos from Jason, check his channel: www.youtube.com Filmed by Jordan Kim. Edited by Sassy Dieng. Special thanks to greendragon448 for helping us promotising the video, check his channel: www.youtube.com

Lionel DeGuzman – NEW Skate Part – Best back heels in the biz!

SUBSCRIBE to our friends at www.youtube.com to see Lionel DeGuzmans full part coming out early 2012. This is about the longest teaser i’ve ever seen and if this is stuff thats hitting the cutting room floor, i’m afraid to see what Lionels got in store for his full length. Skate industry peeps take note, style like this doesn’t come around often, i could see him fitting in nicely on a team opposite Dylan Rieder, Austyn Gillete, Mark Suciu or any of the other style mavens out there in the skateboarding world. check his old part here www.youtube.com Both parts Filmed & Edited by Jordan Kim. Please pay a visit to Jordan at his channel www.youtube.com theres so many great edits there its worth a sub to see first hand what kinda sick skatings coming out of Hawaii.

Plan B Island Time with T&C

Plan B’s Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, PJ Ladd, Torey Pudwill, Pat Duffy, Colin McKay, and Danny Way head over to Hawaii to celebrate T&C’s 40th anniversary. We managed to squeeze rock jumps into salt water pools, 3 wheeled scooter races, karaoke, and jaw-dropping Oahu scenery in between demos and signings. A big Mahalo to T&C from everyone at Plan B! Congratulations on celebrating 40 years! Original ukulele track by Pat Duffy.