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Los Angeles

Los Angeles In my trip, we drove a total of 5800 miles, through nine states, crossing WA, ID, MT, WY, UT, CO, AZ, NV and CA. We explored world wonders, magnificent, beyond beauty America’s great west National Parks, cities and country. I think the best National Park is Yellowstone National Park, then Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Yellowstone National Park covers a vast area, with mountains and water and lakes, waterfalls, rivers, mountains snow and glaciers. Also rare things such as hot springs, hot mud fountains and wildlife. Compare to China’s top tourist spots such as Huangshan(Yellow Mountain), Jiuzhaigou are small, nice and pretty, but too crowded. Speaking of China, this time in Salt Lake City, and the Grand Canyon I saw group after group of Chinese tourists, speaking loud Mandarin, there with high-end cameras. These Chinese people are really rich. I often felt that in some places was cursory, not enough time. I think that as long as I can still drive, run, and hike, I will go again. The summary of the following experiences, travel necessities are car GPS unit, iPhone and iPad. Smart phones usually have no service in most of the national parks. However, when you drive near a city or town, iPhone/iPad will have some data signal. I use it to book a hotel for the night of online. Generally it’s available for a discount price. Summers in North America, daylight is as long as 16 hours. That means one day is equal two days for your travel and sightseeing. On I-90

WIPEOUT/HAWAII FIVE-O show sampler – 24K Gold Music

24K Gold Music’s own version of the two instrumental hits, “Wipeout”, and “Hawaii 5-0”.24K Gold Music Show performs all over Florida in various auditoriums (such as the Lakeland Center’s Youkey Auditorium, and other Performing Arts Centers across the state), focusing mostly on the central Florida area. They are sometimes available out-of-state for special events if the facilities is large enough to handle such a huge production. Anyone needing to get in touch with 24K Gold Music Shows can go to the web site at www.C24K.com or send an email to our name (24KgoldMUSICshow) at gmail.com. 24K Gold Music Shows is a 136 person show-team. We are a Florida Not-For-Profit corporation. Our shows feature many different styles of performances of top song hits from a period of about 50 years, with special emphasis upon oldies from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. We perform different songs in every show, from a 500 song repertoire list. Our web site is www.C24K.com. Some people ask why we publish mostly parts of songs (clips), and do not publish very many full length songs. We are trying hard not to end up causing anyone any problems. We DO feel the fair use clause in the copyright laws pertains to what we are doing, since none of us have ever made a penny from performing or working in the shows. We are all volunteers, and LOVE working together as a family! WE LOVE THE MUSIC! All of the income from the shows goes to HELP pay for advertising and production costs, such as the rental of auditoriums


Bonafide Enterprises LLC Owns “Humble Souljah” Trade name HONOLUA CAMP, MAui, HAWAII 1831 Owned and Operated by Sheryl and Jason Hufalar We have been creating VIDEO of actual Marketing Techniques and Developed Effective New Media for the sole purpose of ONLINE SOCIAL MARKETING strategies that ACTUALLY WORK. If YOU are interested in investing in our company, please call (808) 879-8324. Make an Appointment, be prepared to give at least and hour of your undivided attention, to sign a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT, and pay $100 to listen to me . We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we deem to be uncooperative. In Layman’s we don’t need your business, so please do not waste our time, or your money. We have zero tolerance for ignorance and confrontative people. Aloha

Speed Art #8 by Hawaii Poshy

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