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SUP Austin | SUP ATX Stand Up Paddle Journey from Malibu to Austin

SUP ATX Official Web Site: www.supatx.com SUP ATX Facebook Page. Become a Fan! http SUP ATX Meetup Group. Join Now! www.meetup.com This is the 7-minute trailer for the full length SUP ATX Stand Up Paddle Journey from Malibu to Austin. SUP ATX is an Austin Texas based stand up paddle board maker founded by Nick Matzorkis earlier this year. To launch the company, a band surfers traveled from Malibu to Austin with the mission of introducing and popularizing stand up paddling, moving the booming sport from the shores of Hawaii and California to lakes and rivers across the United States and around the world. Nick Matzorkis executive produced the journey as a show for FoxSports.com. This is an edited promo for the full length show. The Full length show will be seen on FUEL TV in early Spring. Special thanks to Anthony and Flea for authorizing the use their Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song “Road Trippin'” from their Californication CD as the theme song for the show! SUP ATX = Stand Up Paddle Austin Texas SUP ATX Stand Up Paddle Journey from Malibu to Austin Executive Producer: Nick Matzorkis Produced by: Drew Bachrach Cameras: Drew Bachrach Cuauhtzin Gutierrez Star Whitesides With music by: Red Hot Chili Peppers Birds Of Avalon ((Sounder)) Riverboat Gamblers Look Daggers And more

SUP upwind downwind Kailua Beach

29Dec2011. Me trying to surf at Popoia (Flat Island). Located about 3-400 yards off of the Kailua Beach boat ramp in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. Camera: ContourHD. Board: C4 Waterman SwitchBlade 12’6″. Conditions: Paddling into 15-20mph winds, 1-2′ waves, rough, choppy, mostly cloudy. Music: Artist: Pancho Man. Song: Do you remember. Good Fun. thanks for watching. Aloha.

Paddle board yoga classes offered in Charlotte

On a hot, muggy summer evening a group seven women are suited in their workout clothes, on the banks of Mountain Island Lake. Beside each of them is a long paddle board, and a paddle. They’re all looking toward their instructor, Ramsay Mead. “You want to make sure your arms are straight,” explains Mead, as he demonstrates the right techniques. Unlike the usual paddle board class where students stand up and float, Mead’s class is the first in the Charlotte area to offer yoga on the boards. Already popular in places like Hawaii and San Diego, Mead teamed up with Uptown’s “Flex + Fit studio” to introduce the sport fitness practice to the Carolinas. After getting balanced and comfortable with the paddle strokes, even first-time students get the hang of standing up and moving through a series of yoga poses, like downward dog and child’s pose. By the end of class, there is a definite feeling of accomplishment. “You feel it in your core,” said one student.

Sandy Beach full point spinners on big ass Kenu bodyboard

Kenu Hawaii makes some unusual big bodyboards- check it out. www.kenuhawaii.com Ken is 6’4 1 tall and 225lbs–takes a big board to float him around like that! Can you ride backward? Can’t see the board-sorry. You never know who is watching!