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Social Media in Hawaii

twitter.com & twitter.com – My experience in Hawaii this time, as compared to last, is night and day in how I came away from it. This time, I went there with an open mind, ready to jump into the social culture, wanting to make connections and meet new friends. I was overwhelmed, to say the least. The people I met were awesome, very conscious of the impact that social networking has on the World. Many of them, like Ryan, immerse themselves in social media on a daily basis. geeks.pirillo.com – http

Back to Zero – Ho’oponopono

Who am I? The sages and quantum scientists tell us there is “nothing out there”, and that our own projections make our perceptions of ‘what appears to be happening’ by “other(s)”. Dr. Hew Len explains: it is all data being played out from the memories in the sub-conscious. The words used in ho’oponopono are addressed to the memory to clean it. So, “who am I?” … data-driven robot with a mortgaged soul OR free, also referred to as One with God – no data, zero data? Words by Dr. Hew Len Music artists unknown Royalty-free video footage of Hawaii See a wonderful interview of Dr. Hew Len on www.youtube.com