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This Time – Short Film

“This Time” is a short film written by Reagan Gomez-Preston and directed by Matthew A. Cherry. It stars Reagan Gomez, Michael Moss, Terri J. Vaugn, and Sinorice Moss. This Time deals with the realities that many people have to face when a loved one returns home from war and everything has changed. Film Festival Official Selections: Rincon International Film Festival, Boston international Film Festival, GI Film Festival, San Fransico Black Film Festival, Martha Vineyard African American Film Festival, Roxbury Interational Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival, Miami Short Film Festival. This film is dedicated to the men and women who have given their lives to protect our country. And their family members with whom their memory lives on. Director: Matthew Cherry Written By: Reagan Gomez Executive Producer: Liberty Madison, Sinorice Moss, Quetaya Scott Producers: Enitan Bereola, , Portia Jenkins, Shauna Faith-Graham Director Of Photography: Zubari Duniani Edited By: Reginald Harrison Production Company: Cherry Entertainment in association with Liberty Madison Productions and Supremacy Films www.themoviethistime.com Visit http to make a donation. www.imdb.com

The Time Of My Life – A Jelena Love Story – Episode 9 part 1

SG: Selena Gomez; JB: Justin Bieber DL: Demi Lovato; JJ: Joe Jonas MC: Miley Cyrus; NJ: Nick Jonas Guest: CB: Caitlin beadles CB: *walks to Justin and kisses him* JB: *pulls away quickly* What the heck?! CB: I thought you liked that *try’s to kiss him again* JB: *backs away* No, I don’t!! CB: But, last week, you liked it JB: *mad* Yes, but last week, I didn’t have a girlfriend CB: WHAT!?!?! You have a GIRLFRIEND!!! JB: Yes, I do, so back off CB: Who? JB: *puts his arm around Selena* Selena *smiles* CB: *walks to Selena* You bitch. You’re gonna regret this *walks away* SG: Woah, am I scared *smiles* JB: You’re not? And you’re not mad at me? SG: No. I’m not scared because I have you to protect me and I’m not mad because you were honest and you weren’t afraid to say that I’m you girlfriend *smiles* JB: And you’re the only one I love *kisses Selena* SG: *kisses back* NJ: Guys, please stop or get a room JB: *pulls away* Jealous? MC: I hope not NJ: Of course not, I have you *kisses Miley* SG: And we’re the ones who have to get a room DL: *laughs* You know, we have to go on a holiday together SG: That’s an amazing idea *excited* Who’s in? JB: As long as I’m with my girl, I’m in *puts his arm around Selena* JJ&NJ: Same here *laughs* DL: So that means everyone is in. MC: Yes. But when en where are we going? SG: How about in the Christmas holidays and to *thinks* JB: How about Hawaii MC: YES!! HAWAII!!! DL: I always wanted to go there!!! SG: Me too!! JJ: Well, then it’s settled. In

Something you see ONCE in a Hundred years!

The last Venus transit till 2117 and who knows what the world will look like when that happens! This is footage both in the visible and H-alpha wavelength of the Venus transit of 5th June 2012. I watched it from near the power substation for the Keck Observatory, about one vertical mile below the summit (although I was still at an altitude of ~ 10 000 ft, ~ 2miles). This whole trip was put together at incredibly short notice. Indeed this was my first attempt at solar timelapse and my first attempt to use the H-Alpha telescope to do it. Knowing nothing about such things, it’s usually my reckoning that it takes about 3 attempts to get good at this sort of thing. If I had know more about H-alpha telescopes, I would have certainly spent more on one. The solar scope I got cost about 1000 bux (in europe where i was at the time), but if I had really known what I was doing I should have probably spent 2-3x that amount. However even if I had known that, it was not clear I would be able to buy such a telescope in time, and even if I could, when I travelled to Hawaii, virtually ALL of my weight allowance was tied up in equipment (plus a change of underwear). Even at that, I borrowed a tracking mount from a local and very well equipped astronomer friend (MANY thanks Chris) without which this simply wouldnt have been possible. I’ve got to say that given the constraints that I had (inexperience, lack of proper kit, lack of transport ability lack of time etc etc) I’m actually very happy

Hawaii’s 1st Annual Rice Fest

HAWAII’S BELOVED GRAIN TO BE CELEBRATED AT FIRST EVER HAWAII RICE FESTIVAL ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11TH Get your chopsticks ready and bring your appetite as we prepare to celebrate the grain that bonds us all at the first ever Hawaii Rice Festival. Presented by HPELive, this cherished grain will be honored at a daylong event on Saturday, September 11th at Aloha Tower Marketplace on the Waterfront from 12 pm to 8 pm September is officially designated National Rice Month by the USA Rice Federation. In this place we call “the melting pot” of cultures, we are bringing together different customs and people to commemorate this unique little grain that unites us. Whether you like fried rice , sushi or risotto, to name a few, your favorite rice dishes from around the globe will be featured. The Hawaii Rice Festival will give you a one-day taste trip around the world. The festival will include food demonstrations with samplings to satisfy your taste buds, games, contests and great family fun. The lineup of activities includes a celebrity meet & greet, celebrity & chef cooking demonstrations, Da Spam Musubi eating contest, the 1st annual ‘Ricepie’ contest, games for the kids and more. There will be an activity and flavor for every palate from every culture and you will surely leave the festival with a whole new understanding and appreciation for our beloved rice. Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without a chance to give back to those who are less fortunate. Lanakila Pacific