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Sailing Back to Hawaii – Day 30: Squally, Squally Nights

Returning to Hawaii after four years cruising the Pacific Northwest our daily logs continue to tell the story. Start at the beginning , watch our “Sea Log” Playlist for our 2007 voyage from Hawaii to Neah Bay, WA. or, for our trip down the West Coast see our “Sailing the Pacific Coast” Playlist. More at cruisinglealea.com

Most Touching Funeral at Sea ~ Beautiful Sendoff for a Maui Charter Captain

Approximately 50 local boats gathered in Lahaina Harbor off Maui at sunset to celebrate the life of Steve “Skillet” Lambert, a Charter fishing captain in Hawaii. Steve passed away February 16, 2012 The boats did a whirlpool after the service, and then a mother and calf whale did the most amazing show for the family of the deceased. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, so I uploaded the video completely unabridged. Watch the whales pay homage @ 28:28

Islands of Paradise Kid Hawaii Lafferty

Hollywood Kid Hawaii takes you on a smooth ride to the islands to see the bathing beauties along the beaches of the Pacific Ocean! Sounding like the late Don Ho singing on Waikiki at his beach bar you can feel the trade winds blowing in your face from the deep blue sea. Enjoy the views and enjoy this lovely Hawaiian love song! Happy Summer! Hear more songs on YouTube channel GilHCLafferty. Listen to his music! ‘Islands of Paradise’ is an original song by Gil Lafferty. Lyrics,singing, music, guitars, ukulele composed by Kid Hawaii. This original song is copyrighted with all intellectual property rights to Gil Lafferty. To use any of his songs/poetry/stories please contact [email protected] – Enjoy and Aloha!

Hawaii Cruises South Pacific Cruises on Princess Cruises

The South Pacific holds an abundance of natural treasures and the islands of Hawaii and Tahiti are just two of their better-known jewels. From the legendary beauty of French Polynesia’s Bora Bora to the lush Hawaiian landscape of Kauai and the pristine beaches of Tahiti, immerse yourself in the diverse, yet singular Polynesian culture and experience the warmth of the Aloha Spirit. These lush tropical sanctuaries are the ideal places to relax, unwind and embrace “Island Time.” Discover Hawaii and its South Pacific cousins

JP Team at the PWA World Cup Klitmøller 2010

KIA COLD HAWAII PWA WOLRD CUP in Klitmøller. Kauli Seadi wins this first wave event PWA in Denmark, and also the 2nd Super Session. Ricardo Campello finishes 3rd in the wave event and wins the first Super Session. The best result imaginable. Here are the highlights of the action from the JP team with Kauli Seadi BRA-253, Antoine Albeau F-192, Ricardo Campello V-111, Robby Swift K-89, Antxon Otaegui E-169, Phil Horrocks K-303