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GIVEAWAY- Urban Decay, Tarte, and Sephora

❤More Information❤ ——————————————————————— Website: victorialauren.com Twitter twitter.com ——————————————————————— RULES: 1. Must be subscribed to this account (PinkCommittee) 2. If you make a video, you must have the title to say “PinkCommittee Giveaway Entry” 3. If you make a video, make a beauty tutorial 4. If you make a comment, write what your favorite product is! ——————————————————————— Sorry I didn’t get a video up this weekend, I’m on vacation in Hawaii! I have filmed many more videos since this month will be very busy for me with cheer competition happening! ——————————————————————— Thanks For Watching❤

What is it about Geology and Volcanos that fascinate you?” I asked Rick b4 embarking…

Brief interview by David Lakota for da Kingdom of a Geologist preparing to embark upon an adventure out to the live lava fields near Kalapana. Rivulets of fire have begun to flow and pout down the mountainside- “…the largest active volcano in the world.” they say. Special thanks to 1st Green Solutions for sponsoring this adventure vision quest Native American style with Hawaiian Spirit of Aloha Educational Documentary Training Paradigm shift in self governing new economy agriculture National Treasury Freedom Revolution innovation new society sustainability renewable resources having fun doin’ what we love. Enjoy the journey. This is part one of several highlights soon to be on DVD. Stay tuned for updates. We are leaving tonight at around 2am. Destined for a small forest along the coast, we will rendezvous at Bali Temple Hawaii, do a brief ceremony, give thanks to Ke Akua and share our intentions with Pele, Goddess of Fire. And then there is Ahi, God of Fire.

Ellen’s Embassy Suites Surprise!

One of Ellen’s fans and her family won a surprise trip to LA with a stay at an Embassy Suites Hotel, but the fan had no idea Ellen was ready to drop in to give them a personalized tour of the hotel! Embassy Suites Hotels is giving away a Family Vacation Package for four to Hawaii worth $20000! Find out more about how you can win right here. Visit ellen.warnerbros.com