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Best Talk show: Season 1 Promo

Hey guys!!! this video is the promotion episode for season 1 of the Best Talk show series. I hope that this series will be informative as well as funny and entertaining. I do not mind you guys requesting topics for me to talk about in one of the episodes this season. Here are the rules for when requesting topics Note: Please keep in mind that your topic should not include anything that has to do with the following limitations 1. Do not request anything that has to do with politics 2. Do not request anything that has to do with the Pacific Ocean (not including Hawaii) 3. DO NOT request ANYTHING that has to do with Porn!!! No music was used in this promo but there will be music in future installments. Any questions please contact EZIOASSASSIN29. Thank you!! 🙂

John Clark Talk Story “Surf was more of a religious practice to Ancient Hawaiians”

John Clark Talk Story “Surf was more of a religious practice to Ancient Hawaiians” John Clark, a Hawaiian surfer, lifeguard, firefighter, and historian, has studied Hawaiian, read Hawaiian sources on surfing, and built up a massive file of these texts for analysis and translation. John Clark talks about Hawaiian History and surfing at Surfer The Bar’s Talk Story Night at the Turtle Bay Resort, hosted by Jodi Wilmott.

SKILLZ TALK 2 – 7 to Smoke “Youngens”

SKILLZ TALK 2 – Straight out of Hawaii! July 14th, 2012 BBOY BATTLE – 7 to Smoke “Youngens”. Mahalo to DMVR, Demvir and Friends for this awesome event! Respect to all the Competitors, Staff, DJ’s, Judges, Vendors and Sponsor’s who were a part of this event! And a special thanks to all the people who came out to support Hip Hop in Hawaii! Peace! Background intro music by Keven MacLeod Funk Game Loop Time: 0:57 – 104 BPM (Moderato – A Bit Fast) Genre: Funk Bass, Organ, Guitar, Kit Looping section of a backgroundy piece of music. It says it is a game loop, but you can loop it for anything you like. ISRC: US-UAN-11-00839 Bouncy, Bright, Grooving 2011 *SKILLROYVIDS 2012*

Talk Fusion on the go – an surprising feature

Nothing feel much better than a trip to Hawaii, lying on the beach and building sand castle in the fresh sea air that you might not ever enjoy.But if you really got these amazing thing, why don’t you adhere it to your own way of storing? And Talk Fusion On The Go is the best choice to store all the best memory that you ever have in your life, and is a way to make thing feel more lively and less obliviously.In addition , you will a more chance to share best moments to your pals, parents, relatives,..etc as the rhythm of Romeo ‘s Guitar is still sounding in Juliet ‘s heart. Don’t ever waste the best keepsake ! Let us suggest you way to memorize that !.Join Talk Fusion and you will get your own lovely space of memoirs For more information that you may find valid , please enter into the website: www.1428717.tourtalkfusion.com or you may have the solution to pick up your call and contact the number :(084)-093-266-6139 . However, I can suggest you an alternative way to contact: Compose your email and send to the address: [email protected] *Note for Vietnamese only: Để biết thông tin , các bạn vào trang web www.phanchuan41.wix.com/talkfusion ( trang này bằng tiếng Việt) Nên nhớ Talk Fusion là cơ hội kiếm tiềm tốt hơn Herbalife, Amway, Nuskin,Kimana, OrangeOrgan hay Zeek Rewards.

Ellen’s Embassy Suites Surprise!

One of Ellen’s fans and her family won a surprise trip to LA with a stay at an Embassy Suites Hotel, but the fan had no idea Ellen was ready to drop in to give them a personalized tour of the hotel! Embassy Suites Hotels is giving away a Family Vacation Package for four to Hawaii worth $20000! Find out more about how you can win right here. Visit ellen.warnerbros.com

Doctors Drop Medicare, Jobless claims Rise & New Korea War?

Video commentary on economic news such as the BP oil spill, medicare in Texas, jobless claims, layoffs and economic data. Plus, a New Jersey woman finds a sex offender working as a census worker standing at her door. Digg this video at digg.com My Blog demcad.blogspot.com Personal Channel http Jobless claims rise by largest amount in 3 months news.yahoo.com Oil Spill Won’t Hurt National Economy: Report abcnews.go.com April leading indicators dip www.marketwatch.com Oakland County news: City laying off 57 full-time workers www.freep.com Philadelphia Mayor threatens layoffs if no tax hikes whyy.org H&R Block announces layoffs, closings www.bizjournals.com NJ Mom Recognizes Census Worker as Sex Offender www.nbcphiladelphia.com S. Korea vows ‘firm’ action against North www.msnbc.msn.com Hawaii foreclosure filings soar 115% in April www.bizjournals.com Gov. Paterson threatens cutting 10K jobs www.nypost.com Texas doctors opting out of Medicare at alarming rate www.chron.com